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    Looking Back

    This may not be the most romantic post for valentines, but I want to talk about The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. This song was released in 1979. Five years before I was born but I loved it from the first time I heard it when I was around six years old. I clearly remember what I was doing when this…

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    Valentines is for romance

    It’s only four days to Valentines. And for most people who are staying at home, either having a candlelight dinner or fun family celebration, when the night sinks in it’s time for the adults to have fun. And that includes movie. I recommend Music and Lyrics. BLURB: A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping…

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    Cinderella Story

    Sometimes I wonder if I have a split personality. Out of all fairytale stories I read when I was growing up I hated Cinderella the most. Why? Well because I cannot relate to her. I don’t understand why she accepts to go through the situation she was in. I used to say whenever some girls dream about being Cinderella that…

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    It’s a question of perspective

    A friend stepped inside the house. My husband asked him, “How’s the weather?” Our friend replied, “Snow is filling up. It’s plain evil.” My husband stepped out to clean the snow out the car. 20 minutes later he went back in covered in snow and wearing a frown. “He’s right! This is the devil’s doing.” I step outside with our…

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    Book review

    The Sauvage Domicile

    When 2019 started I promised myself to read one book a month and The Sauvage Domicile is not the book I was planning to read in January but the moment I was given a time-limited credit, this was the first one I chose to buy. I wanted to wait after I finished the one I’m currently reading but curiosity got…

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    Hi February

    It’s that month again! The start of the romantic month, exciting for hoping singles and happy couples, and additional reason to be depress for lonely people. I’m somewhat somewhere in between. I’m happily married but I’m broke and have a super adorable son to spoiled… okay maybe not, but I doubt that my husband will get that couple date he…

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    The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

    I love quite a lot of Roald Dahl’s book. My most favorite is Matilda and his first biography book Boy: tales of childhood (not the illustrated version). But this latest short story from him (and his last book according to the preface) is my newest addition. Friendly warning: Spoiler (or teasers?) after the blurb. Blurb: The Reverend Lee is suffering…

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    Some of my English books, those that are set in the Philippines or with Filipino characters, are sometimes sprinkled with a few Filipino words. I do it for “just because reason” but sometimes I write them because I just can’t find a word to use in English. The word kilig is one of them. Kilig is probably the most complicated…

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    Push The Button by Sugarbabes

    All three guys of Push The Button music video are good looking, but am I the only one fangirling over the first guy? The one with glasses? The cool nerd. Someone in YouTube commented that his name is Emrhys Cooper ( sounds like a hard name to pronounce. Thank goodness I’m writing. 😀 ) His messy attire and handsome face…

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    Wonderful Wednesday

    I come to a decision that I’ll be dedicating Wednesday for pictures of places I’ve been. Romantic areas of the world you might want to visit. Who knows you may even be standing at the spot I took the shot. Coincidentally my first travel post, Lovely but Guilty, was also in Wednesday, so I’ll try to keep this up 😉…

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    La Doña – review

    Back when I was a teenager there was a Spanish series in the Philippines, Marimar. I was very addicted to the series, but sadly school got in the way and I never had the chance to see the end until I bought the DVD. Ever since then I been on the hunt to find other of Thalia’s series, but I…

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    Lovely but Guilty

    There one thing I learned from leaving in Europe for 14 years. Four seasons are fun and annoying at times. I’m a tropical girl but when I married my Norwegian husband and went to live with him, that’s when I finally understood the meaning cold. Whenever Filipinos in the Philippines told me how cold it was the other day in…