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    Borrow The Lyrics

    It took me a while to decide what to say and write for this exciting challenge, which Simon from Pen On Website nominated me and kindly exempt from his one rule ( THANKS ) because I’m not into Selena Gomez song… Shut it hardcore Selena fans. I’m her fan too, but her as an actress. I have every right to…

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    Liebster Award

    A long time ago a good blogger friend nominated me for this award. But after jumping around too much I can no longer remember which blog it was. 😂 I also have a nomination for “Borrow the Lyrics” but I’m having a harder time coming up with the material so I’m posting this first. Sorry Simon 🙇‍♀️ Okay let’s get…

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    It’s under control [Tuesday Teaser]

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    “That was close.” Cadriel maneuvered himself in midair and smiled at the angel coming out of the blinding light with hair almost as white as his folded wings behind him. “Agnolo, why are you here?” Like him, Agnolo suspended himself in the air and looked him straight in the eyes. “Cadriel, the gods—” He raised his hand to stop Agnolo.…

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    I’m “pretty dumb” or damn?

    Monday Music

    When it comes to entertainment; movies, music, books or anything I love to do to relax, I don’t like holding back my opinions. There are things that you simply must honestly tell to be satisfied Just days ago, I was personally insulted for criticizing music. If you like Gwen Stefani, you most probably know that she was a part of…

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    Me? Random? Ha!

    randomness award

    …Maybe. I think I am. Although I don’t post everything, I don’t have rules when to post what, so I think that’s pretty random. This Randomness Award is thanks to Jyoti, a sweet girl from India who blogs about her thoughts at https://jyoticorner.home.blog. Jyoti Questions: 1: Which is your favorite book and name it’s author. I want to list down…

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    I’m Dying

    dying inside

    Torn between two choices I'm hesitant to choose The one that promise the best Is something I know, I'll hate My brain is telling me go But my heart saying no I'm stuck in a whirlwind...

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    Love Don’t Cost a Thing

    Love Don’t Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez is one of my most favorite. Not only for the lyrics but also because the music video rock! I love how she tossed everything to demonstrate the lyrics but after reading this comment: They cut my part out of the video! I was the one behind her collecting all the stuff she…

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    Film Friday review


    It’s crazy how I end up watching Cinderella in different version despite my unfavorable opinion of her. Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) lured me into watching it because of my favorite actor Victor Garber and Whoopi Goldberg who made me burst to laughter after barely saying anything. It’s a bonus that Whitney Houston is the fairy godmother. I also love…

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    Out to camp

    There’s an expression in the Philippines, which probably is the same in English or another language, it goes like “Bakit ka pa kumuha ng bato na ipupokpok sa ulo?” (Why did you go and get a stone to hit your head?) because I can’t help that I’m holding that stone right now. As most of you know, yours truly is…