Jenci’s Trouble

“Humans are shallow. They'll never keep eyes on you unless you look appealing."

Shadow Prince (The Flame Squad #2)

Efrain has one reason why he agrees to be Blaze’s shadow, and that is to hunt down those responsible for ruining his life. Falling in love is not a part of the plan, but the heart is the hardest thing to fight.

What Took You So Long?

Milky thought she was ready for anything, but is she ready for love?

Making Him Fall

​He's the last thing she ever wanted, but she's the only one who makes his life exciting.

Changing the Past

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Sparks of Attraction

When Zane teases Serene with a kiss at their ten-year high school reunion, she is left torn over their rocky past and a future she isn’t certain they can have together.​

Sly Prince (The Flame Squad #1)

Blaze Romano’s life has gone exactly according to plan, until his brother-in-law shows up.

No One Else but You (A French FairyFail #3)

Matagal nang pinangarap ni Sandra na mahalin ni Léonce, pero imbes na luminaw kung saan siya nakalugar sa buhay nito, lalo iyong lumabo sa pagdating ni Dawn at Ryder sa buhay nila.

Someone to Care

They share similar pasts, but that’s as far as they have something in common.

Minsan Pa (book #1)

Minahal ni Neena si Yuusuke noong teenagers pa lamang sila, ngunit sobra siyang nasaktan sa bigla nitong pagkawala. After eleven years, he's back as her boss and she's more than willing to welcome him with a punch.

Surrender to Love (A French FairyFail #2)

Ambisyon ni Pamela ang makahanap ng mayamang mapapangasawa, pero paano iyong matutupad kung may isang charismatic na taxi driver ang palaging sumisira sa mga plano niya?

A French FairyFail (Book #1)

Tumungong France si Liberty sa hangaring mahanap doon ang prinsipeng pinapangarap. Ang kaso naroon si Lex ang tatayong "evil stepmother" niya.

Handsome Devil

Agad na naakit si Yuna sa maamong mukha ni Benjamin nang una niya itong makita, ngunit agad rin niya itong sinumpa matapos siya nitong ipahiya sa harapan ng maraming tao.

Devil in Disguise

At first, Yuna is charmed by Benjamin’s vibrant personality, but when he suddenly plants a kiss on her, she is shocked and decides never to see him again! 

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