Making him Fall

Making him Fall

He’s the last thing she ever wanted, but she’s the only one who makes his life exciting.

Twenty-one-year-old Triste wanted nothing more than to be the crown princess of the Netherworld. She accepted her father’s condition of going to the land of the humans to find a thousand souls to be her army or one pure soul as a sacrifice. In her first week, she found a man with a pure, untainted soul. The problem was that he had a guardian angel, Cadriel, who prevents her from getting close enough to this person. There’s only one solution: kill the angel and get the human.

Unlike most angels, instead of eliminating the demon who obviously plans to taint the soul of the person he was guarding, Archangel Cadriel amused himself by only hindering this cute, inexperienced demon. He doesn’t care if she’s after his life; after all, one look and he can tell that he’s more experienced and has more skills than her. He could kill her anytime he wants. But can he?



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New Radish Serial

New Radish Serial

As you all know (if you’re an FB friend or been following me on my fan page for update), I practically haven’t made any progress my WIPs lately. But lucky for me, I have a pile of finished manuscript to edit.

But of course, self-editing is never good enough, especially if you will not be sharing it for free. So imagine how happy I was when my first fantasy novel from Fumes Variola got accepted into Radish Editorial Program? I think I dance around our living room. To top it off, even though I have no idea who my editor is, I’m personally glad to have her or him edit my work. The editor is good at catching embarrassing errors.


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