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Waving June Goodbye

Hello everyone! Just 2 days left and it’s July, so it’s hot, hot, HOT here on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I’m willing to share some of this heat for a late Spring temperature hu hu hu…
So here’s the number 1 hottest news. Even though motherhood (and other life crisis) had substantially decreased my time and inspiration to write, I have two ongoing stories that I will be sharing online.
One is titled More Than Hate which I’ll be posting in both Radish Fiction and Wattpad. A story of Kamala, a Filipina prostitute who fell in love with a man who only has his eyes for her secretly bitchy coworker. Not that Kamala would take it laying down of course. This is a “cellphone novel” novel, so every chapter is only 250 or fewer words (about a page).


The second book is a Filipino romcom about a snobbish 19-year-old who fell in love with her college professor. She a bit of a bitch who doesn’t care even if the guy has a girlfriend as long she gets him. This will only be in Wattpad under the title “I bet, in-love din siya sa akin”.

Both of the stories are written in first POV. It will be live July 1, 19:00UTC at Radish and Wattpad. It will be updated weekly (unless my inspiration runs out). Note: These stories are draft version so expect typos and (possibly a lot of) grammar mistakes.


News no. 2! I’ll be joining Smashwords Summer Sale starting July 1! And the following title will be free to download.

For English stories: Making Him Fall, Sly Prince, and What Took You So Long ~ Minsan Pa and Someone to Care for Filipino/Taglish

I’ll greatly appreciate it if you can help me share the words out! Till next time <3

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New Radish Serial

New Radish Serial

As you all know (if you’re an FB friend or been following me on my fan page for update), I practically haven’t made any progress my WIPs lately. But lucky for me, I have a pile of finished manuscript to edit.

But of course, self-editing is never good enough, especially if you will not be sharing it for free. So imagine how happy I was when my first fantasy novel from Fumes Variola got accepted into Radish Editorial Program? I think I dance around our living room. To top it off, even though I have no idea who my editor is, I’m personally glad to have her or him edit my work. The editor is good at catching embarrassing errors.


CLICK HERE to start reading now on Radish app.

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